Comic book for in house TV advert for a phone repair clinic

Logo animation

Social media advert

Animations, Movies, Web Banners, YouTubes, we deliver the lot, in budget and on time

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We try to stay flexible with our clients, everyone's needs are different, most people come to us with a budget in mind, we always endeavour to give the maximum return we can for that budget, so each and every project we undertake is personalised to that person or company.

We specialise in making movies that stream from your own hosted website, all our movies are html5 compliant, YouTube is great but if you use a free account with them the next thing that will show after your movie is a competitors product, not the best scenario, you spent all that time getting a customer to your site only to have them snatched away and possibly a lost sale.

Over the years we've done it all with film work, gone on location with our own cameras and drones (CAA licensed), edited a clients own footage, worked from powerpoints to make slideshow type movies, even animating still photos.

We are heavily involved with the Ionian sailing industry and move about Greece a fair amount of the time during the Summer months, but most Winters we are back in the UK, but apart from location shoots we can do everything online anyway.

Animations & Explainers

We love making animations, you work out what you want to say about your product, we then have a look over your website at styles and logos etc and then come up with something that will highlight your product or message in the best way.

Animated movies start at €85

Movies With Live Action

Live movie making is really a passion, the advent of drone photography has made it affordable to make truly stunning sequences that a few years ago would have taken a full set with model making or a helicopter.

Location movies start at €250 depending on proximity.

Web Banners

Web banners are small animated files that are usually placed on someone else's site. Think of them as animated classifieds, they carry an embedded link back to your site to help you generate more web traffic, they also add to your backlinks.

Web banners start at €45